Xilolab’s concern for environmental sustainability is at the heart of our business choices. We design and build our products without forgetting the future of our children, giving quality to the present and making treasure of the experiences of the past.

We value the beauty of wood,  emphasizing its features. For instance, we do not treat some woods such as cedar (Cedar sp.) or pine (Pinus cembra), to enjoy their scent and warmth , the natural surface and their beneficial properties.

When we make use of finishing treatments, we use high quality and natural based substances,  to ensure a low  or neutral environmental impact and minimal harmful emissions,  both in the manufactuing as in the final disposal phases. So to protect the health of the consumer and ours as well!

Manufacturing is strictly craft: we leave the workers the pleasure of craftsmanship and quality  in production, fully respecting labour rights and paying attention to safety.

Xilolab products are exclusively  made of European certified timber, FSC or PEFC , to respect the  environment and  the economic and social conditions of the withdrawal site.