About us

Xilolab is a creative shop where wood material is the main character: a company created combining different backgrounds and having a passion in common, the interior design

Design and imagination

Love for wood, originality and Italian design, craftsmanship: these are the keywords that characterize our products and that are the basis of our corporate philosophy

Unique details, materials with a history

Veinings, shades of color and “defects” of the wood are an opportunity to create unique products: our collection “Limited Edition” enriches your home with inimitable pieces that we produce on demand too.

Compared to our main supplier

Xilolab products are made exclusively by FSC or PEFC certified timber. More, Xilolab it is working towards the compensatory reforestation of both CO2 emissions and the quantity of wood used.

Our products


Xilolab is a creative workshop with wood as star, and it is a company born from the union of different experiences and a common interest, the interior design. Founders and souls of the company are a naturalist photographer, who decided to let become high-level woodworking his profession, and a manager with decades of experience in the industrial field. The merger of the two professionalisms assures competence in building, creativity in design and a focus on sustainability and environmental protection. The team relies on the support of designers, graphic artists and interior design specialists: employees whose contribution guarantees originality and innovation

Piergiorgio Migliore

Art Director, the company’s creative mind. After several work experiences, from university research to professional photography, Piergiorgio decided to turn his passion, woodworking, into a real profession.

Olimpia Migliore

Managing Director and head of marketing and sales. Olimpia had scientific studies and a long career as a manager in various multinationals. At the end of twenty years of work experience, Olimpia decided to break new ground and devote himself to one of his passions, the interior desig.

Jörg- Schuffenhaer

Partner and co-worker part-time. Jörg is an enthusiast mechanical engineer and he manages the technical and IT aspects of the production.

Sonia Ammirata

Part-time collaborator. Sonia is a teacher of primary school, a great illustrator and creator of objects for children and she is the soul of the Kids line.